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Insurance Woman of the Year


The award was initially sponsored by the Insurance Brokers of Ontario in 1967. They sponsored the award for several years, but as CAIW grew more national in scope, it became more important for the award to be supported by a national body. The award was assumed by the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada (IBAC) in 1987. As of 2009, the award was made available by the Canadian Association of Insurance Women, the current sponsor of the award.


The Insurance Woman of the Year award is the highest honour given. It is not given lightly, not necessarily given every year and the nominees are not aware that they are being nominated. The award transcends the elected position because it is not necessary to have held office; it speaks to commitment and involvement. Each nominee is judged on her dedication to the Association, nationally and locally, the insurance industry and the public. Both her Association and her employer, among others, must endorse the nominee. One of the most important qualities that the recipient must demonstrate is leadership. It is not necessary for a nominee to have lead in the past, but the nominee should show leadership qualities.


The judges are made up of a panel of past recipients of the award. The Award is presented at the Final Banquet at closing of the Annual General Meeting.


If a nominee has been selected as Insurance Woman of the Year, the winner is announced at the Saturday night banquet of the annual convention. The recipient receives a plaque with the names of the past recipients engraved on it, which she will keep for a year, and a trophy her to keep as a memento.


2018 Tracy Fata 2017 Laura Greening (posthumously) 2016 Lynn Kelly 2015 Lana Kenny 2014 Gilberte Theriault 2013 Diane Penney 2012 No award presented 2011 Debbie MacDougall, CIP 2010 No award presented 2009 Deborah Johnson, FCIP, CRM 2008 No award presented 2007 Michèle Malo, FCIP 2006 Donna Brown 2005 No award presented 2004 Jerri Burke, CIP 2003 Louise Morel 2002 Karen Akeson, CIP 2001 No award presented
2000 Donna Landry 1999 Gloria Keene, CIP, CRM 1998 Marion Mayor, A.I.I.C., CAIB 1997 No award presented 1996 Margaret Stanton, A.I.I.C. 1995 No award presented 1994 Jodi Runnells Porter 1993 No award presented 1992 Diane Brickner (Strashok), CIP 1991 Maggie Moody, A.I.I.C. 1990 Patricia Markey, AIB 1989 No award presented 1988 Ghislaine Perron, AIB 1987 Elizabeth (Betty) Cook, F.I.I.C., CCIB 1986 Mary Doyle, FIC, CCIB 1985 Daphne Mullaly, F.I.I.C., CCIB 1984 No award presented
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