AccueilMid-Term 2020
Mid-Term 2020

President’s Midterm Message

I had the opportunity to head out East in November and got to spend some quality time with both the Insurance Association of Newfoundland Labrador and the New Brunswick Insurance Professional’s Association. First stop was St John’s and Donna Payne toured me around to some beautiful sites and then I attended their Christmas dinner/meeting. It was great seeing familiar faces as well as some new ones. Then I flew early in the morning to Halifax to head to Fredericton. There was a flight cancellation so instead of flying Air Canada sent me by taxi from Halifax to Fredericton! It was about 4 ½ hours in sub optimal weather – but I made it to NBIPA’s Christmas event with about 30 minutes to spare. Their Christmas event was held at the Conference Centre they are hosting Convention 2021 in and the food and venue were both excellent! The next day I was lucky enough to also have lunch with Becci Taylor (their socializer), and most of the NBIPA executive as well. Thank you, Katherine Toner, for all your hospitality, driving me everywhere and hosting me in your lovely home. Both associations are very excited to be hosting us for upcoming Conventions and they are hard at work planning!

We have just wrapped up CAIW’s midterm meetings in chilly Edmonton, where that week we
were the coldest place on Earth at -40C (with the windchill of -54C!). The Director’s braved the cold and attended the Edmonton Insurance Association member bowling night, where we played some hilarious games, had delicious Chili (thank you Cori Bohme and Tracy Fata). No one was a match for Lori Penner, our Past President though, she got the highest score in the silly bowling – who’d have thought she would score higher then in a normal game when sitting on the floor and throwing backwards!

I was already excited for CAIW’s future, but after midterm’s it is looking even more exciting.
Andrea Hadlington, Director of the Ontario Insurance Professional’s Association, received their Charter – not only that she came with many fresh ideas and early successes she’s already seeing from OIPA. We are continually pushing forward and challenging ourselves to move into the future. We understand the importance of social media channels and will continue to expand and get support from our Socializers, and even have newly refreshed National 50/50 tickets – get yours today! An Association in Saskatoon is also looking at joining so may have some more exciting news…

I know even with the increased activity on Facebook now I feel like I’m getting to know the Associations and their members better, hopefully this encourages more connections across the country. As always, I am open to ideas, and things that CAIW can be doing better. Please make sure to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Yours in Fellowship,

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