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September 2013
Desire to Inspire to be On Fire

Writer Carl Sandburg said “I’m an Idealist. I don’t know where I’m going but I am on my way.”

No truer words have been spoken! In my inaugural speech in Winnipeg, I spoke briefly about the need to increase membership and grow local Associations. Each of us has an amazing opportunity to introduce new members to the benefits of local Associations as well as CAIW to fellowship, personal growth and networking. I believe that it is the responsibility of each member to take the challenge of inviting a co-worker or colleague to a local Association meeting or event. Talk up your local group and of course CAIW to your management team, soliciting their support or even better get them to join!

As a board, CAIW has been very busy over the summer months and I am extremely pleased to advise that the East Coast has 2 new Associations interested in forming locally and joining CAIW! In addition, Panagiota Kalantzis has been working her special magic in La Belle Province and we hope to have more announcements during the year!! More news to follow as information becomes available. Also, as CAIW President, I did an interview with Collision Management Magazine as well as my own company’s newsletter. Stay tuned for publish dates. This is a good way to introduce new members to CAIW and our mandate.

Calgarians showed their courage this summer with what has been termed one of the largest catastrophic natural disasters in Canadian history. True to form, the Albertan Insurance Industry rose to the occasion servicing countless claims with great fortitude. An example of this is Lynn Kelly, current 2nd VP and former secretary who in the midst of the flooding apologized for not getting the AGM minutes out! We gave her a pass this time! But seriously, we are in an industry that is under appreciated until we are needed. I prefer to call insurance “the quiet super heroes!”

Luckily for me I planned my visit to Calgary well after the flood so was able to enjoy a wonderful afternoon of golf with Insurance Professionals of Calgary. I apologized at the beginning of the day for my poor golf skills – I did not disappoint! I would like to thank Nancy Toso, Crawford Canada (Calgary Branch) for taking care of my entrance fee. I was also fortunate enough to be guest at an Albertan BBQ with members of IPC – great fun and laughs!! Finally to Lynn Kelly and her family (Dan & Amy) many thanks for their incredible hospitality! This is one of my favorite parts of being a member of CAIW – friendships for life!

Yours in Fellowship,

Laura Greening BA CIP CRM
CAIW President
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