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November and December 2014
The Spectacular Ripple Effect of Networking

I hope your membership drives were successful and you were able to inspire colleagues and coworkers to join your associations. August and September were very busy and I attended several networking events.

In August I attended the IPC Golf Tournament. It was a great day; the weather was fantastic as was the view of the mountains. A great turn out and lots of $$ was raised for WICC. I enjoyed the day with my “sisters”! I lost several balls in the fescue.

I attended corporate meetings in our Head Office at the beginning of September. Unbeknownst to me, IWAWM was holding their September meeting while I was in Portage and on the spur of the moment I was able to attend this meeting. They also had their Convention Committee Meeting that evening. It sounds like Convention plans are coming together and we won’t be disappointed in June 2015! No, they didn’t discuss Fun Night and I couldn’t get a hint out of them.

I then flew on to Nova Scotia and attended the NSIWA golf tournament on Sept. 12. Sad to report, I golf just as bad a sea level as I do at home. Again the weather and the views were fantastic. The tournament was sold out and it was great getting to meet the industry professionals in Nova Scotia.

The next weekend, Sep 19-21 I was off to Kenora for the Tri-Conference hosted by NWOIP with MAIP and IWAWM members in attendance. The Education day was well attended with four speakers providing some great information. This was my first time in Kenora, what a beautiful town. It was a great weekend of fellowship.

I attended the EIA Night at the Races on Sept 24. The weather was beautiful so we could stand on the balcony and cheer on our nags! I won enough on the first race to support my betting habits for the remainder of the evening. have a lovely picture of me with the winning horse from the EIA feature race. It was great to see many young new faces at the event as well.

Thank you to everyone who has picked me up, driven me around, provided accommodations and fed me!

I would also like to take the opportunity to wish you and your families a Very Merry Christmas and a New Year that fulfills your hopes and dreams.

Yours in Fellowship,

Tracy Fata, BSc. FCIP CRM
CAIW President
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